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A powerful feature in SPview is scripting!

Scripting is implemented using Windows scripting host engine which means that virtually any script language engine installed on a particular machine can be used. The standard languages provided by windows are VBscript and Jscript (java).

SPview exposes it's interface to windows as a COM Automation server. This means that along with the internal script capabilities,

SPview can be programmed remotely by virtually any COM enabled application or programming language.

Also SPview's internal scripts can be written to control any other COM enabled application.

Scripting Examples

SPview script can grab screens directly from a VNA, open an excel worksheet and write the data, create an Excel chart and chart the data in 3D.

In Excel, a VBA macro could be used to run SPview, create charts, download data from Instruments and accept data for mathematical transformation and then write back to an SPview chart.

In AWR Microwave OfficeTM , A VNA can be used to provide real-time data to be used in a simulation.


SPview's Syntax highlighted Script editor

SPview's script API

The API (Application Programming Interface) provided by SPview Type library gives complete control over the charts, GPIB, Instruments,Sweeps, Schematics and capture system. 

The GPIB and Instruments subsystem are device independent, that is, all instruments can be controlled with a common command set.

As an example, the VNA start and stop frequencies are easily queried and set using VNA.start and VNA.stop.

These commands are the same whatever VNA model is selected.

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