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SPsim is an all new simulation suite for Analogue, RF and Microwave circuitry. Designed to be intuitive and fully integrated, SPsim employs a slick user interface which has no legacy code and operates using standard windows controls and keystrokes allowing circuits and simulations to be entered and set up in seconds.

SPsim is one of the most powerful and versatile suits available

SPsim mainscreen

Main Features

  • Full featured schematic entry with multi level undo/redo.
  • Hierarchal parametized subcircuits.
  • Multi-port linear simulation engine.
  • DC simulation engine for voltage controlled components.
  • 3D EM geometry editor hooking to Sonnet Software's Sonnet EM Free, Lite and Professional versions.
  • Transient simulation engine.
  • AC linear simulation engine.
  • Simulate multiple EM blocks and link together within the schematic editor for linear simulation.
  • Noise analysis.
  • Large element catalog of industry standard models for Microstrip, Stripline, Coaxial and Co-planar components.
  • Ideal and block elements for many microwave components such as circulators, isolators, hybrid couplers etc.
  • Uses SPICE non-linear elements to calculate DC operating conditions and extract S-parameters for use in the Linear simulator.
  • Includes BLeSS (Block Level System Simulator), with non linear Amplifier and frequency changing elements.
  • Import and use multi-port touchstone file format S-parameter files.
  • Multiple Optimization goals and Yield Analysis.
  • Import and optimize circuits elements with Load-pull data.
  • Put VNA elements on schematics and de-embed circuitry using NEG element in real-time.
  • Dual X axis and parametric sweeps for creating curve families.
  • Real time tuning.
  • 2D and openGL dynamic 3D charts.
  • Large range of Measurements and post processing modes.
  • SPview Instrumentation engine.
  • Full planar layout generation for ciruit stipline elements, with component footprints library creation.
  • CAM output generation in gerber and DXF with NC drill files.

This is just a few of the features that are included in the release.

For more information download an information sheet on the downloads page.


Guide Pricing

Product License Part # Price UK(£)
SPsim Software Node-lock SPS1-1-1 3000
SPsim Hardware USB dongle SPS1-1-2 3300
SPsim Network Floating License SPS1-1-3 4000
SPsim 12 months maintenance SPS1-1-4 TBA

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