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Instrumentation software


SPviewprovides multi-port S-parameter data capture and analysis.
Measurement capture from VNA's, Spectrum Analyzers, Scalar analysers and Oscilloscopes.
Visual data editing, scripting, advanced transforms and a whole host of features makes this product unique.


Autolab is the big brother of SPview. It is a virtual test system with pre-configured measurements of Noise Figure,Intermodulation distortion, distortion, Adjacent carrier Power and compression. A wide variety of instruments from different manufacturers are supported by Autolabs device independent drivers. S-parameter extraction and analysis is also supported including OpenGL 3D charts.

CAD Software


SPsim is an all new high frequency simulation suite with powerful analysis engines and a slick and easy to use interface. Schematic capture, Linear, DC, AC Transient, Noise and EM analysis are just a few of the features included along with an interactive PCB layout system.

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