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Online ordering

You can order ARK RF software products using an official purchase order from your company, payment options include cheque and direct bank transfer.

For your convenience you can also order SPview online using a credit/debit card.

Ordering through PayPal ensures speedy delivery of software. No special user PayPal account is required to order and all major credit cards are supported 

Pricing via credit card is in UK pounds sterling. Your local currency can be selected when building your order on the secure credit card providers web interface.

If you are in the USA or prefer to order in US dollars then you can use the US version here Pay in US dollars

Click here for an explanation of the Licensing Options

Current prices are shown below.


Description License Part # Price UK(£) PayPal
SPview IV2 Software Node-lock SPV4-1-1 490
SPview IV Hardware USB dongle SPV4-1-2 600
SPview IV Network Floating Server + 1 License SPV4-1-4 800
SPview IV Network Floating Server + 1 License (Dongle Free) SPV4-1-5 650
SPview IV Network Floating additional License SPV4-1-3 550
SPview IV Floating License 3 License Pack SPV4-1-8 1700
SPview IV2 Software Node-lock version 3 to 4 upgrade SPV4-1-7 200


Description License Part # UKP(£) PayPal
Autolab III2 Software Node-lock ALB3-1-1 1500
Autolab III3 Hardware USB dongle ALB3-1-2 1650
Autolab III4 Network Floating Server + 1 License ALB3-1-4 1800
Autolab III4 Network Server Floating 3 License pack ALB3-1-5 4500
Autolab III Network Floating additional License ALB3-1-3 1500
Autolab III2 Version 2 to 3 upgrade (Node-lock license) ALB3-1-7 400


Description License Part # UKP(£) PayPal
Planar2 Personal Software Node-lock PLA-1-2 12
Planar2 Commercial Software Node-lock PLA-1-4 99
Planar3 Commercial Hardware USB dongle PLA-1-5 140


Description License Part # UKP(£) PayPal
SPsim2 Software Node-lock SPS-1-1 2500
SPsim3 Hardware USB dongle SPS-1-2 3000
SPsim4 Network Floating License SPS-1-4 3500
SPsim4 Network Floating 3 License pack SPS-1-5 8000
SPsim Network Floating additional License SPS-1-6 2500


  1. Lite versions have no remote control or Scripting capabilities.
  2. All node lock verions are electronic delivery only.
  3. USB dongle shipping charges apply.
  4. Inc Network license server software and USB dongle/flash drive.

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