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Evaluation Versions of all ARK RF systems products are available for direct download.

Note: Please press your browsers Reload button to ensure you see the latest versions (even if you have just visited the page).

All software is fully functional for 30 days.

These are all self extracting installers. Click on the graphic to download.

Product Version Size
 SPview4  Version 4.09 8.8Mbytes
  Autolab3  Version 3.059 9Mbytes
  SPsim  Version 0.83 10.3Mbytes
  Planar  Version 1.14 3.1Mbytes


The software below is for existing customers and can upgrade current versions to the latest issue.

These downloads are encrypted and require a password to unlock. Please email with your original sales order number to request an unlock key.

Product Version Size
SPview4  Version 4.09 8.8Mbytes
  Autolab3  Version 3.059 9Mbytes
  SPsim  Version 0.83 10.3Mbytes
  Network serverNetwork license server Version 1.10 4.2Mbytes


The software below is for existing customers without maintenance and can upgrade previous versions to the last revision.

Product Version Size
SPview3 Version 3.72 (Full and Lite) 7.9Mbytes
SPview2 Version 2.78 (Lite version) 2.7Mbytes
SPview2 Version 2.79 4.3Mbytes
  Autolab2  Version 2.96 (64 bit) 8.6Mbytes
$('#download1').click( function() { window.location.href = 'Files/SPV372upg.exe'; } );

Information Sheets in pdf format

SPview pdf
Autolab pdf
SPsim pdf

Corrupted Downloads?

Note: The files on this page have been verified downloadable. If you experience corrupted downloads this is probably caused by an abnormal server termination due to transmission difficulty somewhere in the link. When this happens windows stores a corrupted version of the file on your local machine.

Before attempting to re-try a download you will need to delete the corrupted file from your machine else windows will think the file has already been downloaded.

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