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All Software can be supplied in several licensing options.

The following information describes the various licensing types.

Software Node Locked

This is a low cost way to receive the software.

The software can be installed on one machine only. It is enabled by locking to the license to machines internal hardware and thus will only work on that machine.

This is the default license type, all software price lists are based on this license type.

Generally the software is supplied as an electronic download only.

Hardware Dongle

Hardware dongles are a USB .

The software can be installed on many machines, the license locks to the dongle hardware and thus can be moved from machine to machine.

Network Floating License

The licenses are controlled by a network server applet. This is a small license server program which is installed on a nominated machine of fixed IP address. The client software can be installed on many machines, each client communicates with the server applet and requests a license, as many concurrent clients can run up to the available purchased licenses.

The server applet itself can either be node locked to the machine hardware or locked to a USB dongle.

License Pricing Policy

All price lists are based on the software Node lock License model.

Hardware dongles adds cost due to having hardware deliverables.

Network Floating License (single license) adds additional cost due the hardware deliverables and the additional server software.

Email for pricing on extra network Licenses and site licenses.

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