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BLeSS - Block Level System simulation.

Bless is SPsims system simulation engine. It is useful for high level modelling of RF systems, including non-amplifiers and frequency changing up/down converters.

It uses a sequential path analysis engine that follows signals through a system converting between frequency and fourier time domain to allow both linear and non-linear devices to be analysed.

The path analyser can sum the nodal signal contributions from each RF signal source in a system and predict the harmonic content from non-linear system elements and frequency changing devices. In conjuction with the special block system models, BLeSS's analysis engine can also handle RF circuit loops, something most system symulators can not do without resorting to a very slow Harmonic Balance simulation.


Power amplifier system analysis using BLeSS.

SPsims component library contains a number of block level RF elements that can be included in BLeSS schematics such as filters, combiners couplers, circulators, phase shifters, baluns etc. In addition any linear element can also be used along with measurement data file elements like Touchstone and Mdif types.

Additionally BLeSS can also use non-linear compression model files generated by Autolab. Useful for including real world data into the system model.

There is also a variety of non-linear elements such as amplifiers and mixers.

SPsim employs "on-demand" simulation technology which means that the user does not have to worry about setting up analysis modes. All solvers are initiated automatically depending on the types of components in a schematic and the measurements called upon to be made.

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