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2.5D CAD/CAM system with advanced editing features and 3D visualisation.

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Planar is a feature rich 2.5D vector polygon based geometry editor that is designed for use with CAD data typically generated for CAM machinery used in the electronic circuit fabrication (which can be PCB or MMIC based).It can be used for viewing, editing and transforming data as well as converting between different file formats.

Planar solves a common problem with all the current formats used for transferring data between CAD and CAM systems, that is, none of them provide a complete description of the product to be manufactured.Planar solves this by allowing the layered CAD data to be extruded into the third dimension, including the materials information in the layer stack and providing the complete product description in one file.

Although Planar supports many file types common in the industry, only Planar files can provide a full product description.

Key Features

  • Vector graphics based.
  • Planar layer stack structured.
  • Handles cell based sub-structures as separate entities.
  • 3D visualisation of structures.
  • Alpha blended display.
  • Outline, fill or open-GL 3D visualisation modes.
  • Handles polygons with holes.
  • Extensive primitive library including rectangles, ellipses, polygons, arcs, paths, Tapers, Holes and text.
  • Path options include mitred corners and splined curves.
  • Two alternative industry standard polygon clipper libraries.
  • Clip operations Union,Difference, intersection and XOR.
  • Object alignment tools.
  • Transform tools to covert between primatives.
  • DXF import/export support.
  • GDS2 import export support.
  • Gerber import/export support.
  • Excellon NC drill import/export supported.
  • IGES 3D format export.
  • Cut copy and paste objects between structures an projects.
  • Multi-level undo/redo for edit operations.
  • Measuring tool with capability of multi-point total path lengths.

Get the evaluation software from the downloads page.

Planar Pricing

Product License Part # Price UK(£)
Planar Free as viewer PLA-1-1 0
Planar Personal Node-lock license PLA-1-2 12
Planar Commercial Node-lock license PLA-1-4 99
Planar Commercial Hardware USB dongle PLA-1-5 140


  1. Personal licenses are for non-commercial use only and can only be online ordered.
  2. Software can be used as viewer with no license. Edit and save functions disabled in viewer mode (no license file).

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